Insperity INCOMPASS 2023

INDUSTRY: Corporate Events

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Our Houston-based client Insperity offers a full-service HR solution to midsize and small companies. Employee benefits. Talent management. HR-related compliance. And that’s just for starters. Insperity handles everything HR so clients can concentrate on business. Like us, Insperity knows a company’s own people are what makes or breaks a business. Celebrating individual employees, handing out awards to key contributors, and enjoying a great evening together— that’s why Insperity’s InCompass event has become an annual tradition. As our client began planning Incompass 2023, they teamed with 2020 Exhibits—their trusted advisor. Their ask? Create several dynamic main attractions within the space. Foremost among these was Insperity’s Corporate Citizenship Tunnel, highlighting their volunteer program, PAWS FOR A CAUSE.


Dig this: InCompass 2023’s biggest draw proved to be the evening’s ‘tunnel of love’, aka Insperity’s Corporate Citizenship Tunnel featuring PAWS FOR A CAUSE. Over the course of the evening, event attendees visited this special spot and collectively accomplished Insperity’s goal. Specifically, they put together 1,000 doggie gift bags. In creating this dynamic exhibit area, we adopted a colorful, welcoming, and warm approach. Lightboxes featured a colorful, beautiful blend of graphics and irresistibly adorable photographs of man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Lining the walls of the tunnel, these lightboxes quite literally highlighted the mission of Insperity’s volunteer PAWS FOR A CAUSE effort. First class. We kept this term in mind while designing and fabricating every custom component. That said, the rental inventory we supplied displayed equal cachet—two colorful lightboxes and several slick countertops, for instance. As far as first impressions go, attendees were greeted by a dynamic 18x1.5x2.5 ft 3-D InCompass sign in the hotel lobby. Note how our expert fabricators incorporated the Insperity logo within the “o” of the sign. We created a sexy environment for the event’s speakers and presentations, too. Pictured center right, this area featured a pair of LED screens flanking a large attractive backlit fabric display for a stylish yet functional space. Our award-winning designers and fabricators also created a backlit InCompass wordmark centered against artificial greenery—the latter added a distinctive texture to the piece. Our bold wayfinding display let attendees know they were on the right turf for InCompass 2023. There’s no getting around it: A good number of the dynamic custom and rental pieces we supplied and installed here functioned as wayfinding displays. After all, with any event held in a public space, attendees must be able to find their people. Easily. These wayfinding elements included everything from the large, impressive custom registration display (shown on page two) to numerous fabric signs of varying sizes to the tall, lit Toblerone towers and pair of 3’x10’ backlit pillars featured here. There’s a time and a place for everything. But as Insperity will tell you: Make sure to invite the right people. Our sincere thanks to Insperity for partnering with us to make InCompass 2023 impactful, impressive, and important.