30′ Trade Show Booth Rentals

30’ Trade Show Booth Rentals

Trade show booths must be eye-catching to close passers-by and anyone viewing the booth from across a trade show floor. Therefore, having displays that are wide enough to do both is necessary for a successful exhibition strategy. That is why 2020 Exhibits is proud to offer 30ft trade show booth rentals in various sizes, including those listed below.

Our customers go through our professional and event-tested process from design to implementation. 2020 Exhibits delivers a broad range of fully customizable, flexible, and scalable rentals that are unique and affordable. We offer a wide range of benefits and bottom-line value, including no capital expenditure, no storage fees, no damaged property expenses, and no property ownership taxes. For a 30’ trade show booth that will leave a lasting impression on guests and potential customers, don’t hesitate to contact us at 2020 Exhibits.