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Sweden-based, multinational software leader Hexagon designs ground-breaking software for many vital industries. Their mission? Putting data to work to enable autonomous, connected ecosystems that boost efficiency, productivity, and quality for their customers. The company is one of 2020 Exhibits’ top clients. In December of 2022, our contact at their Houston office reached out to us with a big request. This time, however, the project didn’t involve a custom exhibit or storage solution. Turns out, Hexagon’s president, Mattias Stenberg, would be speaking at their next Town Hall to be held at their Houston location. The event was less than a week away. The teams at 2020 Exhibits prepared to tell every side of the Hexagon story. We created a custom stage with a beautifully branded backdrop, provided and set up the video recording and A/V equipment, handled lighting, and designed all graphical treatments of data for the live presentation.


On December 9th, we were ready to roll. How did Mattias Stenberg, the live Town Hall crowd and Hexagon employees worldwide benefit? We designed and built a 10’X20’ Custom Backwall Structure complete with printed graphics, a Custom Riser Platform, carpet, and a Custom Pedestal Counter. On the video production side, 2020 Exhibits and partners provided a Camera Operator, a Teleprompter, a C70 Camera Package, Stage Lighting, and Audio Tech. Meanwhile, our graphics team designed bold and easy-to- understand charts of varying sizes & styles, icons, and infographics. Next, the production team edited all these elements together with client-supplied data to produce the final video which we distributed to Hexagon employees worldwide. Another important takeaway? Whether your company specializes in digital reality (augmented-, virtual-, and mixed-reality, 360 video, and immersive experiences) like Hexagon or sells cupcakes, 2020 Exhibits is ready for “Action”! More importantly, we’re here to help your business thrive. Preparation. Expertise. Not to mention a dedicated staff who upholds remarkably high standards to ensure our clients always look good. On the tradeshow floor. In a striking, branded office space. At a high-profile event. Even on the big, or not-so-big, screen. Based on our partnership, Hexagon knew they could count on 2020 Exhibits to coordinate and carry off every aspect of both their live Town Hall meeting with Mattias Stenberg, and the video created immediately after the event. Either in-house or with partners, we provide precision audio-visual and video equipment. We have the best talent in the business behind the scenes and behind the machines. Teams across different departments collaborate flawlessly. All for your benefit. It’s your show. As our Hexagon client knows, we’re here to help you shine. Anywhere. Any time. From every angle.