Lowe's NAA Apartmentalize 2022

INDUSTRY: Trade Show

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Lowe’s trusted 2020 Exhibits to produce a custom-created, show-stopping exhibit that stayed within their budget. To start, we presented Lowe’s with a precise, 3D rendering of our proposed floorplan. Once approved, we kept costs down by integrating rental inventory into a custom-created exhibit. Key client directives and goals:

    • Provide turnkey services—successful design, installation, dismantling
    • Drive maximum heavy traffic to the Lowe’s exhibit
    • Convey the client’s brand message throughout the design, at every touchpoint
    • Feature engaging, dynamic experiences to optimize critical direct/F2F sales



2020 Exhibits created a dynamic 60x40 island exhibit that welcomed clients and potential clients alike with its impressive scale and style. Attendees entered through a vibrant, custom-fabricated archway spanning over 30 feet wide and standing nearly 15 feet tall. Vibrant backlit graphics promoted the Lowe’s MVP Program and described its numerous benefits: the chance for businesses to earn back when they spend, receive free access to business tools, chances to win All-Pro prizes, and earn bonus points to redeem for even more rewards. 2020 Exhibits suspended a massive, ‘high-definition’ rental LED screen. The LED screen featured in the Lowe’s exhibit was comprised of Absen LED tiles. These tiles utilize common cathode technology resulting in high brightness, high contrast, crystal clear images—and perfect performance. To borrow their tagline, 2020 Exhibits helped Lowe’s “Do it right for less” and absolutely floor the crowd at Apartmentalize 2022. The results are in, and they’re outstanding. The post-show analysis provided by a third party reveals the overall effectiveness score for the Lowe’s Apartmentalize 2022 exhibit is 4.64. The highest score possible on the scale is 5.00.

    • Does the overall exhibit grab attendee attention? Score: 5.00
    • Can visitors quickly discern what is displayed and where? Score: 4.50
    • Is it quickly/easily discernable who the company is? Score: 5.00
    • Is there enough open space for attendees? Score: 5.00
    • Is the corporate identity effectively integrated in exhibit design? Score: 5.00


    • Attractive booth. Good use of color, lighting and/or imagery.
    • Good use of A/V.
    • Good job integrating company branding into overall exhibit.
    • Good job communicating brand promise/value proposition.
    • Good use of space, open, easy to enter/exit and navigate.
    • Nice work! This is your (Lowe’s) best booth yet!