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Our client, NASA, wanted to turn its iconic locations, especially its Space Center, into top-of-mind, must-see destinations for out-of-towners. So, they challenged 2020 Exhibits to create a NASA-branded experience that airport passengers couldn’t pass up as they walked through Houston’s IAH International Terminal. We had to shoot for maximum exposure on social media. One platform, in particular, would play a mission-critical role in spreading spacey intrigue about the installation and boosting NASA’s numbers exponentially. Plus, what’s more budget-friendly than social media? Universally appealing, it could easily help restore the shine to NASA’s star. At 2020 Exhibits, everybody from the project’s account manager to graphic artists & designers knew the who, what, why, and where of the ‘ask’ at hand. The ‘wow’ we provided landed us in the Platinum Winners category at the 2022 World Exhibit Stand Awards (WESA).


Let’s get down to specifics. One side of the installation consisted of a custom-configured lenticular wall displaying an image of the greater Houston area as seen during the day and at night from the International Space Station (ISS). On the opposite side, we designed a super cool interactive selfie station modeled after the ‘Cupola’ on the ISS. Our version featured a recessed monitor continuously showing a video to give selfie-takers the feeling that they were observing the earth from inside the ISS. We didn’t just meet NASA’s unimaginably high standards and expectations. We surpassed them. Thanks in large part to all those selfies and group shots posted across social media, NASA and its Space Center became a couple of buzz-worthy places to be. 2020 Exhibits created a fun, Instagram-worthy, NASA-branded installation to optimize passenger engagement and get tourists excited about a trip to NASA and its Space Center. Our visually rich, mesmerizing, custom-created installation resulted in thousands and thousands more visitors through the doors. 2020 Exhibits didn’t just meet our client’s high expectations. We surpassed them.