Constant Aviation

INDUSTRY: Airline & Aviation



As one of the largest and fastest-growing MROs in the country, Constant Aviation specializes in airframe and engine maintenance, major repairs, avionics, interiors, and paint. Also, it offers nationwide AOG service, extensive parts distribution through its CARE (Constant Aviation Rotable Exchange) division, and accessory and composite services through its Nextant Aerospace division. With a 40’ 60’ indoor exhibit space at NBAA 2019, Constant Aviation challenged 2020 Exhibits to create an open/experiential space inspired by the fuselage, but more inviting.


The design team at 2020 Exhibits tackled the project with creative yet very strategic abandon. With clear insight and strategic focus, duality in design was central to the plan. Space would serve double-duty as an event space one day during the show and, throughout the balance, as an engaging exhibit environment that offers an inviting welcome, including space to pause, visit, and meet via conference room. The overall design has a museum-like feel, with a distinctive pathway, leading attendees to the heart of the exhibit to customized spaces, with a vignette-feel highlighting Constant Aviation’s areas of business. Serving as both attention-grabbers and wayfinding, four 9-foot by 4-inch tall kiosks with white sails simulating the shape of a fuselage lined the curve. These sails were illuminated with Constant Aviation orange lights on the inside and the outside, with the curve featuring stunning photography. Each kiosk highlights a different area of business. The AOG Support area of business is highlighted with crisp professional photography, with the Avionics area, including a flight simulator. The Interiors area of business allowed for attendees to sit in one of their luxury, custom fabricated flight chairs. And Parts and Service showcased CARE and included some parts/samples. Aviation professionals were drawn into this dynamic and engaging exhibit, to learn about and experience different areas of business offered by Constant Aviation. The space was open and inviting, allowing for comfortable networking and the ideal backdrop for a private event one evening. Interesting structures, historical industry art, stunning photography, open demonstration areas all blended to create a smooth, distinctive Constant Aviation experience. On brand, on target, and in line with this top-notch industry leader, the Constant Aviation exhibit experience delivers.