Gardner Denver



When it comes to innovation, companies like Gardner Denver are staying ahead of the curve. As a world leader in the multi-faceted oil services industry, Gardner Denver maintains a global presence across a spectrum of tradeshows and industry events. Their mission at OTC is to stand out, spend time with clients and colleagues strengthening relationships, and offering the most inviting, comfortable yet inspiring space in which to do so. And though it can be seen as a simple goal, achieving it is in the midst of trade show crowds and competitors is a unique challenge. The floor is set to show off the best and brightest in the industry, and your brand has one shot at breaking through. How do you do it? While tools and tactics may vary, the key to tradeshow success is to stop worrying about your brand’s exhibit and start building experience. Invite people to have a personal encounter with your brand – one that blends education and entertainment to foster excitement about your products and services.


For OTC2019, Gardner Denver stood out in a sea of exhibitors. Stretching the brand story and message with big, bold swaths of fabric and immersive content, their exhibit environment, and the experience stood heads above the competition. From top to bottom and throughout, the Gardner Denver experience delivers thoughtful environmental touches. By leverage fabrics, display panels, and digital activations, the experience canceled out the noise of competitors. Fabric elements command attention with Gardner Denver branding, messaging, and imagery capturing attention from across the show floor. The 235” x 188” outside wall boldly declares the Gardner Denver mission and vision: Purpose. Driven. Service. Since 1859. (If only all companies could have such a powerful history and future to stand upon). The 703” x 180” graphics back wall is equally declarative, leaving nothing to chance when aiming to capture attention and drive home the boldness and definitive nature of the Gardner Denver experience. Fabric discs with LED lighting capture attention, nestled seamlessly into the wall panels. With eye-catching booth design and crisp, compelling images, graphics, and engaging interactives, Gardner Denver limits distractions and delivers an impactful and memorable OTC2019 experience.