Sunday Riley


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2020 Exhibits faced extensive requirements. We were given QVC guidelines to follow—presenting seasonal set options, for one. The studio set had to be capable of customization for other types of recordings. Think Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Instagram posts, plus Education & Training sessions, Beauty Advisor segments, and Educational Summits. Staying on-brand down to the last detail? Critical. Sunday Riley requested that our set build exude elements and attributes like gold, marble, luxury, fun, sustainable, and chic. All while befitting a line of skincare products comprised of science-based active ingredients & botanicals and featuring innovative packaging. The actual space our teams had to work with measured 20 feet x 20 feet with a nine-foot ceiling. This environment could be split into a 10-foot x 20-foot corner or two wall areas for a half Lab/half living room. Keen strategy, elegant yet modern design, and exceptional craftsmanship combined to create a stunning yet practical set.


We incorporated plenty of elegant built-ins and shelf space into the QVC set. By doing so, Sunday Riley was able to display and feature those skincare products they most wanted to move via the QVC format. The results? The segment was a glowing success. Orders continually rolled in as Sunday Riley QVC hosts occupied a lovely on- brand environment that spoke to the quality, class, modern caliber, and artful aspects of their every product. We paid special attention to key elements like lighting, furniture, wall art, and room décor in terms of style, quality, and placement on set. Collectively, our choice of everything from flooring materials to paint color—all of which adhered to a clean, modern aesthetic— combined to create a lovely, alluring environment that conveyed key aspects of the brand, and showcased what our client was selling in the best light possible. Can you say cha-ching? As with many, this important Sunday Riley project necessitated that the masterful teams across 2020 Exhibits work together seamlessly to make our final product the place to see and be seen. Specifically, our Exhibit Fabrication experts built and installed the framework of the set, complying with both brand and QVC requirements throughout the process. Our award-winning teams from both Graphics and Environments ensured every single on-set element blended perfectly with respect to style, color palette, space, balance, and focus. Concerning the latter, we always kept our client’s Priority One in mind: Let’s sell as many products as possible and have a good time while doing so. We’re happy to say 2020 Exhibits accomplished just that by designing, building, configuring, furnishing, decorating, and lighting a tasteful space enabling brand representatives to host an entertaining, engaging, and successful show.