INDUSTRY: Trade Show

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The teams at 2020 Exhibits were tasked with building a big ole booth that would stop the crowd in its tracks at the 2023 Houston Marathon’s Health & Fitness Expo. Housed in the Texas-sized George R. Brown Convention Center, the Expo covered a whole lot of ground and featured exhibits from other major brands—a popular running shoe label among them. Intimidating? Cripes no. Quite the opposite! We were pumped about this opportunity to flex our flawless fabrication and installation skills. Everybody involved, our client included, knew we had all the right stuff to woo attendees and raise the roof at the Chevron booth.


A big shout-out to Momentum Worldwide for providing us with colorful, imaginative graphics. Their creativity gave us a head start. But it was up to 2020 Exhibits to bring a spirited visual mix to life by building the booth and handling a good stretch of printing projects, too. Fortunately, we’re champs at thinking fast on our feet. So, we hit the ground running with an awesome plan to (quite literally) make Chevron’s exhibit a not-to-be-missed, fun-filled success. Indeed, it was: The crowds kept rollin’ in all throughout the Expo. Precision fabrication of walls and stand-alone & circular signs; spot-on sizing and proportion of each component; printing perfection, and seamless installation were carried out flawlessly by our brilliant teams working in tandem across the company. Best of all, we allotted plenty of room for fun. Visitors enjoyed different cool & unique activities on every side of the booth: They created customizable shirts here, made signs to show support for runners there, and on yet another side, picked up their share of Chevron Houston Marathon Swag. Plus, we outfitted the expansive exhibit with interactive and other engaging technologies to lure visitors in, and encourage them to stay longer, learn more, and soak up all kinds of good energy.