INDUSTRY: Sports & Recreation

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GSFSGroup knew where they wanted to go, and given 2020 Exhibits’ impressive track record for award-winning success, they trusted us to get them there. Specifically, by designing and delivering a souped-up interactive website that’d showcase, explain, and sell GSFSGroup’s extensive solutions and products. From the get-go, the talented marketing team at 2020 Exhibits steered the project with spot-on strategy. Our team collaborated closely with GSFSGroup to create storyboards and present pain-stakingly precise information architecture. This careful creative approach ensured a robust, unforgettable experience for visitors to the site. The final interface proved to be nothing short of breathtaking. Beautiful renderings, wow-factor graphics, icons, and dynamic navigational elements merged flawlessly to produce a seamless interactive experience. This is no hyperbole: Traffic to the new website was left with a sense of awe and wonder that not only made an indelible impression but stayed with them long after they logged off.


Visit and you’re immediately treated to a bold, dynamic intro animation. It proudly displays the three distinguished Dealers’ Choice Awards GSFSGroup earned in 2022. All of which are clear testaments to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and fierce dedication to providing its clients better people, processes, products, and performance. The website is far from just an awards showcase, however. 2020 Exhibits’ clear, easy-to-navigate design enables visitors to access a wealth of information about the countless products and solutions GSFSGroup offers to rev up business. Read on for more ways 2020 Exhibits blew away GSFSGroup courtesy of the exceptional design and functionality evident in their new interactive website! Well-organized navigation. Crystal-clear icons. Responsive hover states. We approached this project with a keen eye for simplicity and incredible style. Users don’t encounter any roadblocks in finding their way around. It’s easy peasy. Nine discrete categories activate exciting, eye-catching animations that go on to reveal dynamic interactive elements, plus compelling videos or slideshows designed to capture their attention, longer. Each category serves up information in a fresh, engaging way to ensure site visitors stay entertained as they learn. At 2020 Exhibits, we know that keeping viewers “tuned in” is the only productive path to creating an effective, memorable user experience. It’s rewarding to report that together with GSFSGroup, we proved real magic happens when brilliant minds come together, and the wheels get to turnin’. Our partnership produced an award-winning website that not only accelerated past all expectations, but also set a new standard of excellence in the world of digital marketing.