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At 2020 Exhibits, we prepared to help Autodesk double down on trade show dominance. More than 1,272 exhibitors from the manufacturing industry would be displaying products and productivity solutions at IMTS 2022, the preeminent manufacturing trade show in the Western Hemisphere. Typically, Autodesk goes all out with one large exhibit that stands above all the others, in more ways than one. However, given IMTS 2022 would be staged at Chicago’s mammoth McCormick Place, a facility covering 1.3 million net square feet of show space, Autodesk tasked us with customizing two epic exhibits, each to be located in a separate area of the show. Other challenges? Of course! A direct competitor’s booth was situated right next to one of our client’s. Can you say, Code Red? Oh, and yes— no hanging signs were permitted near the Autodesk booths, either. Most pointedly, emerging technology keeps the IMTS experience fresh and exciting from year to year. So, teams across 2020 Exhibits resolved to outfit two giant, masterpiece exhibits with must-see technology.


Impressive in sheer size, scope, and sensory experiences, the larger, 40-by-50-foot exhibit figured prominently in the “Controls & CAD/CAM” section of the east building on level three. Visitors were drawn to this custom-configured, intriguing exhibit. The clean, modern space included two large LED walls constructed inside the massive SEG fabric-printed rectangular structure with big bold graphics. Bench seating was situated in front of the larger LED wall where, in addition to special presentations, looping videos educated the audience about Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software. The smaller LED wall continuously played videos showcasing our client’s Fusion 360 software. Plus, we positioned six three-sided interactive kiosks where visitors viewed videos to learn more about the auto and mechanical parts—displayed there at the kiosk—designed and created with Fusion 360 design tools from Autodesk software. We mentioned earlier that the show stipulated neither Autodesk exhibit was permitted to use hanging signs. Yet, look what we have here—giant, gorgeous, eye-catching signs featuring clean, bold, and relevant graphics. Look closely, and you’ll see how our ingenious 2020 Exhibits’ designers and fabricators strategically configured our 3D signs one on top of the other, optimizing support, safety, and visibility of the Autodesk message from any angle. We constructed each kiosk to minimize its footprint, allowing for maximum open floor space for attendees to move, talk, observe, and interact with on-site Autodesk reps. As for the expansive, 140-by-80-inch LED wall, teams across 2020 Exhibits utilized precision design, construction, and installation to ensure the screen did not occupy a single unnecessary square inch of floor space, and yet stood as a powerful focal point within the larger booth. Though not as large, our second rental exhibit for Autodesk floored our client and booth visitors just the same. This 20-by-50-foot booth was called “Autodesk Education.” Smartly designed, efficiently spaced DIY learning stations offered each visitor hands-on, interactive experiences. People weren’t just allowed but encouraged to give Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software a test drive themselves to learn more about the software’s capabilities. Additionally, an 80-inch LED screen continuously showed compelling videos to enlighten viewers about the product’s tools and benefits. Bear in mind our customized rental exhibits are not prefab cookie-cutter offerings. Choose technology from one set of inventories, hanging signs from another, and so on. All are executed in spot-on accordance with your brand guidelines. Through strategic planning and precision configuration of every component within the smaller, 20-by-50-foot exhibit, 2020 Exhibits created a hotspot of activity for IMTS 2022 attendees. Working collaboratively with Autodesk, we achieved this by providing dynamic video presentations and incorporating multiple hands-on interactive stations. The latter experiential exercise enabled booth visitors to come away with a tactile, engaging, and visceral experience with our client’s software. Is 2020 Exhibits a leading global, award-winning creator of stellar exhibits, events, and environments? Yes. But our incredible clients deserve the accolades. Autodesk is a masterful company whose peerless products pave the way for amazing progress within everything from architecture and engineering to product design and manufacturing to media. To reiterate, our goal here? Ensure both exhibits proved as dynamic, innovative, and outstanding as Autodesk itself. We’re proud and pleased to say, we helped our client see huge success at IMTS 2022.