Waste Management

INDUSTRY: Environmental Services


We can all relate to the feeling that people think they know us. But do they? For Waste Management, some think of the brand as the trucks that pick up your trash. Like most things, there is far more than meets the eye. The challenge is to invite customers and prospects to experience and recognize the brand for its many offerings and capabilities across the waste landscape.


Modern. Clean. Corporate. Polished. Four critical drivers as the team approached WM’s Waste Expo environment. Crisp, bold graphic messaging coupled with a fresh, functional, and memorable design, are the keys to unlock an exceptional, attention-grabbing, engaging Waste Expo experience for Waste Management. Environmental performance, as seen through four key brand capabilities, are strategically featured in the environment. With each graphic image carrying its own, very unique look and feel to visually distinguish it and to create a distinct experience for visitors. The challenge was to provide bold, declarative messaging with variety while allowing each one to showcase its benefit fully. Modern. Clean. Corporate. Polished. And, for further emphasis, we will add Beautifully Clear. You bet. There is no confusion — no need to carry extra words or images or bullet points. Only one declarative statement and one exceptional image. Hello WM. To know you is to love you.