International SOS

INDUSTRY: Medical & Travel Security Services, Virtual Trade Show Experience


As a single point of contact for medical and security, International SOS offers “local knowledge on a global scale.” This company is the world’s leading traveling and security risk organization, with 26 assistance centers operating 24/7 worldwide. 2020 Exhibits was challenged to create an immersive, interactive experience that would showcase the expertise and services provided by International SOS.


Engaging and interactive, the experience gives users (as either The Traveler OR as The Manager) the chance to step into true-to-life scenarios, in specific countries – including a terrorist attack in the Brussels Airport, a natural disaster – Hurricane Maria – in Puerto Rico, a mugging in Mexico City and a terrorist incident at the Berlin Christmas Market. The experiences are REAL. Real situations. Real global corporate travelers and their families. Real action, through International SOS and the International SOS Assistant App. And real results. What would you do? How would you be cared for by your company and by International SOS? Medical care. Security. Also very real. And all fair questions and concerns for this global audience. The images, messaging and the content tell the International SOS story in such a way that it taps into the concerns and challenges facing the target audience. Designed to gain attention and generate interest on the show floor, the exhibit and interactive experience will support the International SOS brand and messaging in a face-to-face environment. The tone, imagery, and messaging was designed to pique curiosity for attendees to learn more. Beyond merely highlighting the many benefits found through working with International SOS, this immersive and engaging digital experience will demonstrate the brand’s vast experience, expertise, knowledge, reliability, professionalism, and value. The main idea positioned International SOS as the “go-to” industry-leading resource aimed at keeping business travelers and international assignees safe while overseas. Those responsible for this mobile workforce face a myriad of expected and unexpected daily challenges. The overall tone resonates with the true-to-life experiences, and sample personas/characters and demonstrate the unique resources, knowledge, experience, qualified expertise, and global reach through International SOS.

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