INDUSTRY: Technology


As a premier provider of flexible, on-demand office space and technology services, Tech Space opened its 9th TechSpace campus in Houston Texas. This 46,000 square foot campus features 95 private office suites totaling 450 workstations, with sharp curves, angles, and miles of open wall space. Uniquely designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, Tech Space typically attracts those companies that are seeking privacy and community, with modern offices as a dynamic work environment. Co-working space grants members choice in how, when, and where they work. Each workday can be scheduled to meet individual and team needs. The co-working marketplace is highly competitive, with many companies similar to Tech Space vying for the same customers and corner of the market. The experience must be different, memorable and create a lasting impression.


Although shared spaces foster planned and spontaneous collaboration, it must also be distinctive and, in many ways, easy to navigate and understand. From the mirror-backed custom lily pad to the location-based messaging, the space is infused with identity. Creative and compelling environmental graphics set the tone of a space to give members a sense of shared culture and purpose. Partnering with PDR, as leading architectural design firm charged with providing interior design and planning services, to execute upon their creative design and vision, more than 11,000 square feet of vinyl film, custom wallpaper, graphic films, and branding, 2020 Exhibits worked in collaboration to print and install these creative and compelling visual images, as designed by the design firm. The experience must be different, memorable and create a lasting impression, with Vacancy going down with new tenants and overall occupancy, it is up, up, up – by more than 50 % year over year.