Museum of Fulton County

INDUSTRY: Education & Culture


What was once a three-story home with small rooms and a seemingly endless array of sentimental and meaningful artifacts, the Fulton County Museum received funding to build a brand new facility to share its heritage further and to promote tourism while collecting, preserving, and interpreting its local cultural, historical and natural resources. With hundreds of artifacts to display in this new, raw space, 2020 Exhibits was challenged to create a dynamic, inviting, and all-encompassing experience. As a non-profit, there are many ideas, voices, and stakeholders (led by a Board of Directors, with funding by donors) when it comes to space such as the Fulton County Museum. With a new facility under construction, the goal was to take all of the elements (99% of which are donated) from the original location and showcase them in a way that would promote tourism while collecting, preserving, and interpreting its local cultural, historical and natural resource. A tall order.


The experiences throughout the Museum are all about choices. What to look at, to experience, and see. Everything is about visitor engagement and choice, understanding that no two visitor experiences are the same. Engaging the senses through the experience with sights, sounds, and hands-on engagement are strategic ways to create that personalized experience. Whether it is something as simple as showcasing a historical document, to the topography and animals (a stuffed wolf!) of the county, to weapons, personal military medals, and more, the experience will be engaging and entertaining, generating interest and attraction. The Fulton County Museum will increase tourism. From the ground up, 2020 Exhibits executes upon the Fulton County Museum vision by executing all facets of this stellar attraction, through the design, fabrication, installation, and delivery of all custom cabinetry, displays, signage, A/V, and wayfinding. With an infusion of the County’s mission, vision, and spirit throughout the space, the collection, and display of historical documents and artifacts in both inviting and engaging. With hundreds of items on display, each is given prominence and weight and seen as signature historic elements of the environment. Lighting serves as a guide and as a wayfinding element, with an automatic activation feature lighting up each display once approached. Indeed, the spirit of Fulton County – 'to Find a Way or Make Your Own' is celebrated in this space. The signage and custom cabinetry including custom drawers and glass-top display cases remind visitors of the county's commitment and dedication to history. The project fabrication and installation indeed highlighted 2020 Exhibits unique range of capabilities. Combining expertise in design, architectural flow, carpentry, electrical, large format printing, project management, and fabrication was critical to making the Fulton County Museum environment a success. Very few contractors possess such a wide array of competencies to design, create, and execute such a complex design inside a single vision.