Worldwide, we are all impacted by COVID-19 and there continue to be varying levels of uncertainty about the next steps and the precise timing for when people will get back to their office environments to work. But what we do know for sure is that it will not be business as usual. And as employers, we will need to implement ‘best practices’ to meet the needs of our most valuable assets – people – and effectively communicate how to establish and maintain healthy, safe work environments.

2020 Exhibits is helping our clients with best-practice solutions and ways to bring employees back, with safety and wellness at the forefront.

Infection Control Hand Sanitization Kiosks

Infection Control Hand Sanitization Kiosks

Help to fight and protect against COVID-19 with hand sanitation infection control kiosks, including a range of options, from custom branding to interactive engagement.

Banners and banner stands

Communicate social distancing and other key safety messaging through directional wayfinding, banners, and banner stands.

Social Distancing Safety Screens & Sneeze Guards

Help to contain the spread and continue to flatten the curve with custom safety distancing, sneeze guards for a range of business environments, including corporate offices, reception areas, work stations, and more.