Lead Management & Program Management

Preparing for a tradeshow requires focus and commitment. For most B2B sales, marketing and tradeshow managers, much time is spent on the creative side of things – designing the trade show exhibiting, honing the theme and overall campaign strategy and building brand interest and engagement. More than two-thirds of marketing and trade show professional consider in-person or tradeshow events as one of the most effective ways to drive home brand messaging and reach key objectives. And of these key objectives, what must not be overlooked: Lead Management and Program Management.

Quality qualified leads are the lifeblood of any successful exhibiting experience and program. One simple, cost-effective way to get the conversation started is with Media Suite. Offering real—time lead data and analytics, your trade show exhibit team can use Media Suite as real-time sales and business intelligence to identify and qualify the best leads so you can move the sales process forward. Media Suite captures and leverages key data, opening the door to listen and connect with the right prospects.

Without question, speed and immediacy matter. The faster you respond and treat each lead with the respect deserved, the more targeted the conversation and the response. You can immediately leverage the power of real-time lead analytics, with Media Suite, engaging capturing and converting booth visitors into your sales pipeline.

You can improve sales growth with Media Suite’s CRM system integration, a clean, crisp design, user-friendly front-end interface and robust back-end analytics. Real—time lead capture data and analytics mean that your exhibit team can use this sales and business intelligence to identify and qualify the best leads so you can move the sales process forward. And they can drive ROI with real-time, sales-ready data. From the show floor, sales teams can see and measure the level of interest and true product focus for lead generation.

2020 Exhibits sets the industry standard for award-winning, results-driven, performance focused Program Management. Capitalizing and leveraging more than 30 years of experience managing turnkey trade show events and trade show programs, 2020 Exhibits puts this experience to work for clients across a wide range of industries. As the pioneering developers of the award-winning smart event management technology that drives best practices for event managers and revolutionizes the way in which they collaborate and communicate across channels throughout their event/exhibit programs, we know what it takes. 2020 Exhibits tradeshow program management revolutionizes the way event managers and companies can operate from one, centralized, online platform and communicate across channels throughout their entire event/exhibit portfolio of programs.

We work collaboratively across areas of expertise to bring the full creative and experiential experience to bear for each and every program. To begin, all projects are approached with initial discovery meetings and information gathering, where we begin to clearly define client requirements, project objectives and overall goals. Creative design and ideas are shared and reviewed in collaboration with our clients throughout this process. We seek to find the most dynamic solutions, from static to dynamic applications, that will not only help to leverage the brand but to also deliver the most memorable, engaging experience that is meaningful, innovative and, central to the success of each program, clearly aligned with key driving objectives. Throughout the process, we focus on designing and building smarter and lighter, with less waste.

We are a forward-looking, forward-thinking team of creative business professionals, who have set the industry benchmark and standard for event and exhibit best practices. More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies utilize our system to manage and execute their event, trade show and exhibit programs. Our more than 30 years of experience coupled with our valued clients’ ongoing feedback and input makes us uniquely qualified because we know and understand the intricacies and important details required to help our clients realize Return on their Objectives, while producing the most dynamic, innovative environments and programs in the industry. Measurement is a key driving force and we deliver the tools and talent needed to leverage your market position and deliver results. Our broad range of talent and services means you get the best of all worlds.



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