Exhibitor Live 2017

At ExhibitorLIVE, inviting and gracious hospitality was personal to 2020 Exhibits. A strategic, creative pre-show campaign set the stage, piquing interest and generating excitement for this tradeshow among tradeshows. Designing and delivering an impactful, interactive, and engaging hands-on experience and environment for our clients, prospects, and friends was central to the plan. The experience matters most, especially one that feels private yet not stuffy, exclusive but inviting, and, above all, deeply and thoroughly infused in a time and place that is wholly complete. With a dash of mystery and many surprising elements, the focus was capturing a moment and a place in time where everyone would experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits.



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Capture a moment and an iconic place in time, the exhibit is the experience, with no detail left undone. Offering a warm invitation and infusing every element with a tone, language and messaging that transports guests back in time, the exhibit experience invites everyone to Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits.

Like a beacon in the night, custom-designed dimensional signage celebrated the 2020 Exhibits brand while capturing attention and attracting visitors like a moth to a flame.

Hey, hey, hey … Guys and Dames, welcome to the Roaring 20s! We got your music, your style, the talkies … attendees buckled in and embarked on a journey through time, and experiencing the sights and the sounds of the Roaring Twenties.



At every corner and every turn, the pre-show, at-show, and post-show “Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits” campaign delivered across all touchpoints. Strategic yet creative and clever, ExhibitorLIVE communications piqued interest and curiosity, urging attendees to swing, knock twice, got the goods, sip on giggle juice, take flight, and spend time experiencing the Roaring ’20s with 2020 Exhibits.

While the razzle-dazzle takes center stage, behind the scenes is where the true magic happens! From dusk to dawn, no task, assignment, or challenge is too big to match the enthusiasm, commitment, and unparalleled support of 2020 Exhibits’ Services Team. I & D, A/V, Services, Support, and then some.