The world as we know it looks different today. And as it continues to change and evolve, Team 2020 Exhibits is here, open for business and working together apart, keeping in touch with our clients and tackling these new challenges as we work to solve, design, and deliver innovative solutions. And while for many organizations it may not be “business as usual” — business must go on.

What follows is a quick update on how we are helping clients take action, respond, and plan for what’s ahead. So, whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, get in front of your clients virtually for now, or take steps to bring your teams back to work safely, we can help.

Virtual Trade Shows & Conferences | B2B Reimagined | Virtual Tradeshow Engagement

With tradeshows postponed and, in some cases, canceled for the foreseeable future, here are some new ways to engage attendees and share your brand stories through virtual experiences. With the power of virtual tools, the show can go on, and we can help to bring your brand to life through impactful virtual experiences. With a virtual environment, you can convey the feeling and engagement of your booth, event, or in some cases, your physical facility, and you can still deliver meaningful engagement and experiences.

Virtual exhibits and events give you one more way to attract, engage, and excite your clients and target audiences especially as they engage and interact together apart. It throws the door wide open for you to keep in touch and communicate, fostering deeper connections and positioning you (and your brand) as a technology leader.

We provide a range of solutions, from design through to delivery for everything from 2D Interactive Virtual Exhibit Tours and 3D Interactive Virtual Exhibit Tours, to Fully Immersive Virtual Tours.

2D Virtual Tours

2D Interactive Virtual Exhibit Tour

For starters, imagine your physical tradeshow booth as an online, interactive experience. Through this experience, “attendees” can engage and interact with your brand – in a variety of ways. With a 360 virtual reality booth tour, they can step into and tour the experience interactively. Viewers can discover, view, and engage with your brand’s physical exhibit online from any location at any time. It could be a simple, pre-planned walkthrough or a completely interactive virtual experience. And just like a physical tradeshow exhibit experience, the virtual experience will be designed as a representation of a live experience, considering ways to guide interaction and exploration. You can draw attention and share information through informational hotspots, allowing them to view and experience your brand, as they would in a live tradeshow experience.

3D Virtual Tours

3D Interactive Virtual Exhibit Tour

Return to Work | Healthy Work Environments | Safety Solutions

Return to Work

Worldwide, COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of our daily lives and there continue to be varying levels of uncertainty about the next steps and the precise timing for when people will get back to their office environments to work. But what we do know for sure is that it will not be business as usual. And as employers, we will need to implement ‘best practices’ to meet the needs of our most valuable assets – people – and effectively communicate how to establish and maintain healthy, safe work environments.

2020 Exhibits is helping our clients with best-practice solutions and ways to bring employees back, with safety and wellness at the forefront.

Infection Control Hand Sanitization Kiosks
Help to fight and protect against COVID-19 with hand sanitation infection control kiosks, including a range of options, from custom branding to interactive engagement.

Banners and Banner Stands
Communicate social distancing and other key safety messaging through directional wayfinding, banners, and banner stands.

Social Distancing Safety Screens & Sneeze Guards
Help to contain the spread and continue to flatten the curve with custom safety distancing, sneeze guards for a range of business environments, including corporate offices, reception areas, work stations, and more.

Wayfinding Options – Graphic Signage & Wayfinding

Wayfinding Options

One key component when establishing healthy work zones is signage. Social distancing, wayfinding, CDC guidelines, and WHO guidelines are just a few of the obligations that brands and businesses will have to have in place to support safe operations out in the field and in offices nationwide.

COVID-19 health and safety protocols will require that companies effectively communicate new ways of operating and working throughout the workspace. With large format printing and capacity to operate 24/7, 2020 Exhibits produces a wide range of signage from custom wayfinding to banner stands, posters, and window and floor decals.

We love talking with you about taking action and putting into motion new ways to position your brand and your investment, preparing for the next steps, and the best options to consider as you shift and pivot, into this new normal. We can’t wait to see you again, in person. Until then, let’s keep the conversation going.


Standing Strong Together

2020 Exhibits is closely monitoring the evolution of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are taking every precaution, following protocols, safety practices, and travel recommendations per the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We understand concerns about COVID-19 are top of mind, and we want to be as transparent as possible and share timely communications and information. Above all, the health and safety of our employees and exhibiting clients is our top priority during this challenging time.

2020 Exhibits extends our support to clients and partners impacted by the current Novel Coronavirus health crisis. We appreciate that there are uncertainty and ongoing concerns as we navigate this challenging time together. We are communicating closely with all stakeholders and offering guidance as we continue to plan for upcoming tradeshows and events that are important to your business, your brand, and the industry.

Again, please know that we are committed to working with you and will continue to monitor the situation, providing updates as needed.