West Houston Church of Christ

INDUSTRY: Non-Profit / Religious


As the beneficiaries of their recent capital campaign funding the church sanctuary and building, the West Houston Church of Christ was looking for a creative, inspiring way to bring the new Youth Ministry to life. With freshly painted white walls, new flooring and simple reception desks serving as the canvas, the Youth Ministry Team was challenged to find a fresh, inviting way to increase engagement, featuring the enduring stories of the Old Testament.


Working closely with the Youth Ministry Leadership and Team, the 2020 Exhibits design team dove deep in discovery, brainstorming to unearth engaging and inviting ways to show and tell these stories. The team worked to re-imagine and transform 900 square feet of the new “Kids to Disciples” ministry from long stretches of plain white walls to an inviting and inspiring landscape.

2020 Exhibits custom-printed this large format wallpaper, and custom-designed and fabricated furniture provided the perfect solution for showcasing the Church's vision. From faux stone to detailed canvases, every element captures the image of its congregation. Along with the children’s area, these complete enhancements transform the church into a distinctive yet, universal building.

Colorful walls of biblical stories and verses surround the halls as scrolls fade into the water of the Red Sea. A curved reception desk features the imagery of Moses and realistic designs offer a peek into the stories and messages. Realistic faux stone walls and wood frames highlight old times while providing the safety and comfort of wallpaper. Within the scenes, also lies a custom desk made to look like a boat blending in with the background.