Midland Memorial

INDUSTRY: Healthcare


Thank You. These may be the two most powerful words in any language. For hospitals, cultural institutions, and other non-profits that rely on generous donors to help build that new research facility or support a capital campaign, saying “thank you” graciously is vital. Effective donor recognition programs say it eloquently, and forever. For Midland Memorial, the object is to celebrate donor loyal a and commitment across this 5-tier program in a way that is respectful and reflective of their levels of engagement. It is vitally essential for 2020 Exhibit to work in collaboration with Gensler/Dallas as the design architect to fabricate and install this Capital Campaign’s donor wall in a way that is done beautifully and respectfully and with some intriguing and carefully considered elements and intent. Ultimately, the goal is to create a beautiful, compelling and effective donor recognition wall that says it eloquently, and forever.


At first sight, one can’t help but to see and experience an artful and compelling donor wall experience that resonates with intent and appreciation. Hospital visitors and guests, along with donors and their families, will appreciate this reflection of support and commitment, for generations to come. Who knew there would be so much to calculating donor value? The overall design needed to be symmetrical and with an even flow. Honoring Gensler’s devised intent, 2020 Exhibits shared design, material selection, and fabrication solutions to help answer and yet solve Gensler’s design solution, inspired by this multi-level capital campaign. The design includes individual donors names into different sized magnetic boxes across a customized grid structure, that serves as the backbone and heartbeat of this design to create This prominent wall functions as a component of an ever changing donor recognition wall—as more donors contribute, more Metal Boxes join the wall, changing the overall appearance and organically expressing the growing donor landscape in a visually compelling way. The Donor Wall also communicates a sense of donor hierarchy using different sized metal boxes without crassly attaching dollar signs to individual donor’s names. Midland Memorial Donor Wall demonstrates the successful integration of a richly layered design and experience delights donors and engages passersby. Exceptional design can foster a sense of loyalty with patients past and present, families, and other potential donors. It can create an affinity between a donor and an institution while serving as a visual manifestation of the institution’s brand and values. As donors continue to play growing roles in ensuring the economic health of schools and cultural institutions, it’s critically important to treat donations in a way that effectively commemorates donor generosity. Tier 6 of the program is now actively under way, with the targeted audience now reaching out to Midland Memorial, seeking ways to help and be involved. Thank you.