KPRC Channel 2 Corporate Interior



To refresh KPRC Channel 2's- already stellar studio—into a modern, walkable, open-concept space that's on par with our digital times.

When Houston's oldest news station, KPRC Channel 2, reached out to us again—along with Wright Set—to update and revamp their already eye-catching broadcast studio, we were more than excited to take on the challenge of improving the environment we previously created for them.

Their need for a more walkable space prompted their request for an open-concept studio that allowed their beloved anchors to walk around the set quickly and with ease. Their robotic studio cameras also needed to move around the studio smoothly and swiftly without bumping into furniture or structures on set.

In addition, designer Michael Wright's vision involved a news studio that would reflect the fast, social, and digital times we live in.



From drawing board to installation—in partnership with Wright Set—we created an environment that is not only visually stunning but also provides comfort while inspiring authenticity and creativity for our newscasters.

The project began by removing all platforms in the environment to allow anchors to move about the different stations of the studio quickly and safely—while staying in-frame—and to improve camera movement flexibility.

For brisk set changes and versatility, we incorporated wheeled, moveable assets that are light and easy to reposition around the studio. These include a Mobile Cell Tower embodying a cell phone, that integrates viewers on everything social, a Mobile Weather Pod for their forecast center, and a custom-fabricated Mobile Anchor Desk with color-changing lighting built into the base.

To further transform the space into a distinctive news studio worthy of KPRC's talented journalists, we mounted LED Video Walls—made up of multiple LED monitor tiles—behind the main studio and weather center, and Backlit SEG Fabric Walls—with RGBW, color-changing, built-in lights—throughout the space.

The broadcast news industry is very competitive, and Houston is number six in the US media market. With this in mind, we constructed a studio for KPRC 2 that not only makes its on-air talent feel comfortable, safe, and at home but also wows and captures the viewers' attention. We are proud to say that our environments and corporate design team delivered.

From the planning to the execution and installation, 2020 Exhibits, in partnership with Wright Set, redesigned a news studio that maintains Houstonians' attentiveness and, most importantly, reflects the professionalism of KPRC's news team. Tune into KPRC Channel 2 to see their contemporary, brand-new studio in all its glory.