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Danos is a family-owned and operated oilfield service provider providing the oil and gas industry with construction, environmental, fabrication, logistic, and management services. Having just constructed a brand new fabrication shop in Louisiana, Danos hoped to increase their visibility and showcase the specifics of their new facility while simultaneously elevating their brand through a video. In celebrating their brand, Danos wanted to pay particular attention to their strongly held core values including integrity, safety, service, improvement, and respect.


Being an oil and gas service provider, the subject of the video (the facility) was quite large. In order to give scale to the audience, drone shots became an invaluable resource. The scope and cadence of the drone footage blended with production floor shots gave the viewer a true sense of the activity within the space. The voice-over provided the platform to deliver the critical core values messaging and was delivered via interview the company owner. Post production was critical to achieving the video’s objectives. Supers provided the facility and equipment specifications along with the safety recognition content. The cadence of the supers was timed to flow with the music selection to give an upbeat tone consistent with the overall theme and message. Being a results-driven field, all messaging was delivered in a clear, no-nonsense fashion. Having the owner orate the voice-over gave a first person narrative to the values of the organization and further provided a sense of transparency and accountability to the content. Loading the supers and dialogue with facts, figures, and identifiable industry tools helped lend objective support to the claims of quality, reliability, integrity, and safety. Considering the nature of the audience, it was critical to back those statements with tangible, measurable evidence.